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Snow Day Fun: Mining for Gems - DC Blizzard 2016/Snowzilla actually happened! We got over 24 inches at our house. With the drifting, our cars became mere lumps in the driveway. Dave and V spent hours digging us out (not that a snowplow has come by yet). Baby T’s first time in the snow was one for the record books in terms [...]

Sharing Gifts, Sparking Imagination - At the beginning of January, I got to give my first sermon to an all-adult audience. I’ve done plenty of gospel-sharing to kids and families, and I’ve taught other material to adults, but this had new nuances for me. So, yay! My congregation for the day was folks in a memory impairment unit of a nursing [...]

V Turns 5 - Five years ago we were blessed with our precious son V after a hard road to parenthood. He experiences the world deeply and notices things that others might miss. He cares deeply for the homeless, kids in need around the world, and our planet. He asks hard questions about why the world is the way that it [...]

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