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Hi, I’m Pamm. Welcome to More Green for Less Green (MGFLG), my little slice of the web dedicated to living more eco-friendly for less money and bringing natural parenting to life, and fresh looks at theology. Sometimes growth happens in leaps and bounds, but the MGFLG strategy is all about taking one step at a time. Make one change that you can live with, and then when you are ready make another, then another. Over the course of a week, month, year, and beyond, you’ll be able to look back and see that your lifestyle is radically different as a result of those livable changes.

In addition to being a homeschooling mom to my three boys (V, 1-2011;  E, 8-2012; and T 6-2015), I am a wife to Dave. I am passionate about family togetherness; emotional wholeness; and living simply out of respect for God’s creation and fellow humans. I worked for eight years in pastoral ministry as a director in a large and thriving children’s ministry and was as an editor and business writer before that. I am an ordained pastor, seminary student (grad school for pastors), accredited Attached at the Heart Parent Educator, babywearing educator, and featured blogger for




Get To Know Pamm:

We made the leap in 2013 to a gluten-free, dairy-free, largely local-foods diet. Nachos are my favorite food so now I eat them with hummus as a replacement for the cheese. The corn chips are normal organic grocery store corn chips. But, if you make some locally (near Washington, D.C.), hook a girl up!

We bought our house as a roach-infested foreclosure in 2009 and have been renovating it gradually (except the cockroaches, we got rid of those right away).

I am banana-phobic. The boys wake up before me most morning to eat their daily bananas and then hide the evidence compost the peels before I get up so I don’t have to smell it.

If you are a Meyer’s Briggs fan: I am an INFJ, though my introversion is mild. If you know RightPath, I am a networker, but with a twist–I excel at connecting people to resources rather than people to people.

Cruising is my one non-green holdout. While I love immersion tourism, at this stage of life with little kids, I enjoy waking up in a new place each day but having my stuff at a set home base.



I would love to work with you or your group or event! I provide a variety of consulting and speaking services surrounding green living, gentle parenting, and whole-hearted living as well as Christian theological topics.

  • One-on-one coaching (in-person, phone, and video conferencing)
  • Group classes including the 6-session Attached at the Heart curriculum
  • Speaking to your community or parent’s group
  • Conference speaking
  • Guest preaching for adults, kids, and mixed-age church services and church events

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