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Babywearing Through the Seasons

Babywearing makes loads of sense in the mild climates of fall and spring, but some parents ask if it is too hot to wear baby during the summer, and the answer is no! Babywearing can actually help you stay in more tune with baby’s temperature and hydration needs than other methods.

This past summer, babywearing helped us brave the crowds during a busy 4th of July Parade, and made a cozy nap spot in the midst of a lot of stimulation.
Babywearing kept us hands-free everywhere from the public bus in Virginia Beach to flying kites on the Jockey Ridge dunes in North Carolina.
On the beach, the Wrapsody Water Carrier helped me get baby fed and napped without leaving the fun of the shore.
We wrapped up our summer adventures with a morning harvesting potatoes at Great Country Farm where, once again, the ability to get one or the other (or both) of the kids up saved the day and kept the fun going.
Now that fall is in full swing, we love wearing our boys on evening walks, to pumpkin patches, and during yard work.
When winter hits, there is no need to stop babywearing. Wearing is a great way to keep baby warm and cozy and to closely monitor baby’s temperature and needs. When baby is in a front carry, a large winter coat or maternity coat can fit over both wearer and child.
 On the back or the front, each person can wear their own coat, though this can feel slippery, especially with ruck straps.

Or, child and wearer can share a special babywearing coat. We have a Suse’s Kindercoat that I bought in an extra large so Dave and I could share it, and I could wear it while pregnant. (Albeit, it is a big tight for Dave.)  Such coats are even great for spring showers, when the seasons change yet again.



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