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Combat Pregnancy Nausea with Protein Options That Actually Sound Appealing

Protein for Morning Sickness

I’m almost in my third trimester with Baby 3, and this pregnancy is flying by! This time around, some things are easier because I have a base of knowledge about my body, I have a midwife I adore, etc. But, other things are just as hard: fatigue, nausea, intense back pain.  The good news is that at least now I have some strategies.

With V, I threw up until 37 weeks of pregnancy (thanks to acid reflux from new, unbeknownst-at-that-point lactose intolerance). With E, throwing up wrapped up at 16 weeks. This time, things were mostly settled by 16 weeks, but certain smells will still set me off and I cannot drink plain water without intense reflux or vomiting (same held true with the other two pregnancies as well).

So, what is a natural-minded pregnant lady supposed to do to combat these icky (but for a lovely reason) feelings? Eat protein! Every single time you start to feel nausea, eat something with protein in it. Crackers and carbs are for the birds. I followed the not-so-helpful Saltine advice in my first pregnancy. But, for babies two and three, I knew about the benefit of protein. If you are like me, the idea of protein meat might sound just horrible for a couple of months in there, but there are other options. Instead, try:

Baked beans (or whatever kind of beans you like)
Deviled eggs (or whatever kind of eggs you like)
Guacamole or other form of avacado
Edamame (organic)
Oatmeal (or maybe some baked oatmeal or no-bake oatmeal date balls)
Bar like ProBar Base (20g of protein)
High-protein nut (almond, brazil nut, hazelnut, pine nut)
Spoonful of peanut butter or nut butter (or some power balls)

On the non-protein front, I’m a big fan of Psi Band acupressure bracelets and chewing small amounts of dried ginger. I also found help from two things that are a bit more controversial in Western medicine, but my herbal-minded team was comfortable with even in the first trimester: NORA tea and a bit of powdered ginseng once or twice a day in another drink. Even with all of my tricks, nausea was a part of my pregnancy, but these things helped me keep my act together enough to work, take care of the kids, etc.

What are some of your favorite non-meat protein sources?


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