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Composting Basics

Have you read about composting and been interested, but just don’t know how to start? Because others have said it better than I can, I am going to link you to my favorite composting sites:

Multi-page article that takes you from the science of composting to actually starting a pile: How Stuff Works

Loads of info on anything and everything compost related:

For newbies and experienced folks alike: 75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn’t

For the science-brained folks, a Can I Compost It chart along with the why.
(Thanks for that link, Crunchy Conscience!)

My favorite book on composting is called Composting by Liz Ball and is part of the Smith & Hawken Hands On Gardener series. This book has a simple, non-gimmicky approach that I really appreciate.


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Hi, I’m Pamm. Welcome to my little slice of the web! As both a pastor and crunchy homeschooling mom, I’m never quite what anyone expects of me. But, hey, that’s what makes blogging interesting, right? Join me as I try to wholeheartedly parent my three little boys, slowly fix up the trashed foreclosure we bought in 2009, and live simply.

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  • A Propensity For Curiosity August 11, 2010, 4:48 am

    I had a compost pile one year growing up and it was one of the coolest little projects I ever did. Too bad I didn’t have much of a garden at the time so it didn’t go to any real use. When I get a yard again this is one of the first things I’m going to do.


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