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Cork Flooring Review – 1.5 Years Later

It is hard to believe that we finished our basement remodel almost a year-and-a-half ago! We hemmed and hawed over many decisions, but picking eco-friendly flooring was especially difficult for us. Ultimately, we picked USFloors/Natural Cork.  We went with their Greenguard Certified Almada line, which is click-together planks (so it needs no off-gassing glues to install it). Not only is it made in the USA, but they use solar at their facilities. Win, win, win!

Though our contractors had never used it before, they installed it easily over an underlayment of  QuietWalk Floating Floor Pad. They put double layers of the underlayment in places where our floor wasn’t completely flat.

It turned  out beautifully! But, would it endure? Would it work as well as it looks?


Almada Cork Floor in Basement

Almada Cork in Marcas-Areia

The answer, thus far, is yes! Here’s the rundown on our observations:

    • It is naturally warm under our feet and has a bit of bounce, which is great for my back issues. Even in the winter, I could walk on it with bare feet comfortably.
    • Our basement has moisture in the air (which a dehumidifier takes care of) and this low-level of humidity has had no negative impact.
    • It hides dirt very well, but is cleaned easily with sweeping when needed.  We’ve used a variety of green cleaners on it without issue (vinegar and water; diluted Murphy’s Oil Soap; or all-purpose cleaner with borax and castille soap)
    • The only thing that has damaged it was dropping a 50 pound table top. The corner of the table knocked out a small chunk of cork. (I suspect tile or cement would’ve cracked or chipped in same this situation.) The divet hasn’t grown since it happened (which was shortly after installation…boo). Though we haven’t yet replaced the damaged plank, our contractors replaced a defective plank for us with relative ease.
    • The kids drag baskets, push baby stollers, ride rocking horses, and propel themselves on ride-ons without issue. Almada is a higher-end cork floor, but we learned that cork is a product where you get what you pay for. The additional layers of protective coating on this brand are worth it!
    • We have one small section of mild buckling , but this is probably due to the nature of our uneven floor rather than the product. The cork deals with the slight unevenness fabulously. It isn’t visible, just a small rock when I step on a particular intersection of planks. This is like a squeaky spot on a hardwood floor, except this doesn’t squeak.
    • The color is holding true. We’d read that one concern with cork is that it fades. We don’t have much direct sunlight in the basement, so this is something I’ll not really be able to test down there. That said, we have leftovers from our basement project, and we plan to re-floor our kitchen with it down the road, and we do have a sunny kitchen.

Almada Cork Floor in Basement


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