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Declaring War on Mommy Wars: Graceful Communication in Conflict (the Talk)

In 2015, published a piece I wrote on Mommy Wars (also on the MG4LG blog). In summer 2016, I got to turn that article into a 45-minute talk for Mommy Con DC called Declaring War on Mommy Wars: Graceful Communication in the Midst of Conflict. Mommy Con is a nation-wide natural parenting conference that attracts over 1,000 visitors to its DC stop. Not only was it awesome to speak, but I got to hear information  on other interesting topics and visit all sorts of vendors, including Jessica Haney of Mindful Healthy Life who interviewed me early this summer.

Photo Credit: Mindful Healthy Life

Photo Credit: Mindful Healthy Life

Here’s the premise of the talk: as a parent, it is easy to feel judged, and it is easy to fall into the habit of judging others. But what if we declared war on the stereotype of mommy wars and lived as healthy communicators with grace in the face of awkward conversations? What if we were equipped to stand up for our choices in a positive way instead of putting the smack down, getting defensive, or resorting to passive-aggression? I share six ways that we can declare war on mommy wars and keep on growing into the kinds of adults we want our kids to be someday.


Mommy Con DC

In September, I had the privilege of presenting a reprise of the Declaring War on Mommy Wars talk to Holistic Moms Network, Northern Virginia Chapter. I am a long-time member of this group, so it was amazing to give this talk to friends and have time for intimate story and idea-sharing. You can see it here (with some clip-outs of personal information from participants):


Here are a few resources I name or refer to in the talk:

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