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Decoration Inspiration

As we continue to spruce up our house using as much as possible that is used, repurposed, and/or refinished, I crave do it yourself (DIY) inspiration. Since I am home sick today and I don’t have the brain-power for writing or the energy much of anything, surfing the web is a good way to pass the time in between naps. Here are two of my favorite decorating-focused blogs that make me want to get better quickly and make the most of the beautiful spring weather that has suddenly appeared…

The DIY Showoff is a great blog that features the writer’s own home (their barn patio blows my mind!) plus DIY links and instructions from many other blogs.

Young House Love is a pretty well-known site about making the
most of a smallish house. I love this blog because our houses have similarities and it gives me hope for getting beyond some of the big issues we face in our house.


About More Green for Less Green

Hi, I’m Pamm. Welcome to my little slice of the web! As a progressive Evangelical female pastor and crunchy homeschooling mom, I’m never quite what anyone expects of me. But, hey, that’s what makes blogging interesting, right? Join me as I try to wholeheartedly parent my three little boys, slowly fix up the trashed foreclosure we bought in 2009, and live simply.

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