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No More Cleaner Clumps

In green cleaning, I use several different powders: borax, baking soda, washing soda, oxygen cleaner (sodium percarbonate), citric acid. Some of these clump up in the humidity of our basement and are unusable. So, what’s a green cleaning family supposed to do? Don’t throw these products away! Instead, pull out your food processor and prepare for magic. What isn’t a food processor good for? This wonder-worker is no single-tasker.

Step 1:
Dump the clumps in to a food processor fitted with the normal blade. Some of the powder will get very fine and billow out of the machine. You may want to cover it with a towel.

Step 2:
Whir away. Let the dust settle. Open the lid.

Step 3:

Transfer the powder into an air-tight container.
Also, you could pop in a packet of silica gel if you have one leftover from something else.
Those terracotta brown sugar bears (and other shapes) work, too.


About More Green for Less Green

Hi, I’m Pamm. Welcome to my little slice of the web! As a progressive Evangelical female pastor and crunchy homeschooling mom, I’m never quite what anyone expects of me. But, hey, that’s what makes blogging interesting, right? Join me as I try to wholeheartedly parent my three little boys, slowly fix up the trashed foreclosure we bought in 2009, and live simply.

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