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Portion Size- The Stealth Saver

  1. Portion size matters. Keep your meat portions to the “right” size (3 oz/size of a deck of cards) and fill the rest of your plate with cheaper things like big salads, other veggies, fruit, and starchy things like pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, bread.
  2. Since we cut back on meat, sides are fair game for eating all of. Hey, they’re cheap, fill up!
  3. Serve your food on small plates. You’ll take less when there isn’t all of that empty space to fill.
  4. Protect your leftovers. My husband used to eat into the entrees we’d meant for leftovers, so we now either portion that out right away (before serving) or decide together how much of the main course needs to be left untouched.


About More Green for Less Green

Hi, I’m Pamm. Welcome to my little slice of the web! As both a pastor and crunchy homeschooling mom, I’m never quite what anyone expects of me. But, hey, that’s what makes blogging interesting, right? Join me as I try to wholeheartedly parent my three little boys, slowly fix up the trashed foreclosure we bought in 2009, and live simply.

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