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Trash to Treasure: Greeting Card Collages

I love getting greeting cards in the mail, but when the holiday has passed I’m so the girl who lets the cards continue to sit on the mantle because I  don’t know what to do with them next. Tossing then in the recycling bin makes my heart bleed green a little bit; I’d like the ink and the card/pulp/tree to have more life than that before going through the energy-intensive recycling process. Plus, nowadays cards come with all sorts of neat little tchotchkes on them: foam pieces, ribbon, tiny plastic shapes, etc. So, I hoard the cards: first on the mantle, then in a pile or drawer, then–when I have a massive stash–I get so irritated that they all just go in the bin anyway.

Greeting Card Collages


But then, something wonderful happened…

My kids got interested in gluing things! Instant purpose for old cards FOUND. I cut out the interesting shapes, textures, etc. and store them in a box until my kids are in a collage mood or it is time to make a card for someone else.

Greeting Card Collage Elements

Then, we glue, glue, glue; or tape, tape, tape; or glue, tape, glue, tape until the whole things needs 48 hours to dry.Greeting Card Collage Maker

I will confess, I look forward to the day when the kids can cut up the cards themselves. But, until then–I’m happy that at least there are no Christmas cards on our mantle in May and our family and friends end up with some precious handmade cards.

Greeting Card Collage Toddler Art


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