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Upcycling Craft: Wine Cork Boats

Years ago, I had a dream of making one of those cork boards made from wine corks. Since I don’t drink much wine, I asked others to pass on their corks. I’m about 9 years out from that request, and we might have enough wine corks to cover a wall. I went to Pinterest for ideas, and finally got to work. In honor of E’s third birthday, big brother V and I teamed up to make boats for the kids in our family plus the two local cousins. We thought these would be fun for the pool, creek, and bath. I am creative, but not really an artist and definitely not spacial, but these were doable and fun. We had a good time making them together.

Wine Cork Boat


Step 1: Hot glue a bunch of corks together. Lay them out first to make fairly even lines, I liked pairing them up  length-wise with glue and then gluing the “columns” together.

Wine Cork Boat

Wine Cork Boat

Step 2: Add some bumpers, if you’d like. Glue on some supporting craft sticks to give stability. I don’t recommend colored sticks. We soaked them overnight so they wouldn’t leach dye  into the pool, but even that wasn’t enough. 

Wine Cork Boat

Step 3: Accessorize

  • We screwed a tiny eye hook into each front bumper so we could attach long strings of yarn (with another craft stick to be a handle) to facilitate races in the creek, keeping track of the boats in the pool, and to “winch it up” (V’s priority).
  • We put faces on champagne corks to be our captains.
  • Each boat got an initial flag made from a craft stick and colored paper faux-laminated with clear packing tape. Wine Cork Boat

Wine Cork Boat

Step 4: Play!

pool toy

creek play

Winching power!

creek play


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