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V Turns 5

2016-01-04 09.03.03

Five years ago we were blessed with our precious son V after a hard road to parenthood. He experiences the world deeply and notices things that others might miss. He cares deeply for the homeless, kids in need around the world, and our planet. He asks hard questions about why the world is the way that it is. It can be tough for such a little guy to have such big feelings and thoughts, and when the emotional bucket runs over, it really, really isn’t pretty. But he’s learning more about how to deal with those feelings every day. My prayer is that as he grows he’ll keep his tender heart while leveraging his passion into action to make a better world.

He has no lack of vocabulary and if you get him talking, he might just teach you some new, obscure fact. He’s silly and creative. He loves making up storylines about construction, police, and fire fighters. Every morning, he and his brother turn the living room into some new adventure land. His favorite things are trucks, animals, books, church, friends, dirt, art, and secretly teaching himself to read and write when no one is looking. Thanks to these emerging reading skills, he knows the speed limit of any given road and analyzes if other cars are going too fast, too slow, or are otherwise breaking the law. The kid loves safety and making sure others are following the rules. (Though sometimes remembering to follow them himself is a developing skill.)

He loves the leeway to accomplish tasks on his own. From chopping vegetables (with long-practiced knife skills) to calming his baby brother to packing a picnic lunch for the family to planning and executing a smoothie stand, his capabilities are often surprising. We can’t wait to see what the next year holds for our dear guy!


My friend Becky at Simply, in the ‘Burbs gave me the idea of a birthday interview, so here is what V has to say at age five:

What are you going to be when you grow up? Construction worker

What’s that going to be like? I’ll fix things

What are your favorite toys? Snowplow that I just got yesterday

Who are your best friends? All of them! Charlotte and August, Ethan and Ellie, Weston, Kora, Dylan, Ivys

What makes you happy? Mama snuggles

What makes you sad? I don’t want to say

What do you like to do with Dad? Rough play

 What do you like to do with Mom? Everything

What do you like to do with E (age 3)?  “Worker buddy” games (imaginative play like sewer workers, fire fighters, garbage truck workers, paramedics, etc.)

What do you like to do with T (age 6 mo)?  Play with him, watch him eat

What’s your favorite color? Green

What’s your favorite book? Busytown: What Do People Do All Day

What do you do during the day? Play

What do you want to learn when you are 5? To break a machete (Anything relating to a machete—which we own for camping/hiking needs—is how he talks about facing his fears, so I assume this is something about wanting to be brave and strong.)

 What do you pray about? Give thanks for mama snuggles, farmers, clean water, and our cozy house


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