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  • Crib Part 3: Turn a Crib Into a Side-Car (Co-Sleeper)

    This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase something, I earn a small percentage back. Selections are based on my genuine recommendations. It is time for the last of my baby bedding series. This one is on the crib side-car, which is attaching a crib to an adult bed, like this… Many […]

  • Choolaah Indian BBQ Review & Giveaway

    If  you took a look at my 2017 family budget on mint.com and tallied up our eating-out expenses you would probably find that Indian is our most frequent restaurant cuisine.  So, when I was invited to attend a blogger event at Choolaah Indian BBQ, I was all-in to try this fast-casual restaurant, learn about Indian spices, and practice my own hand […]

  • Didn’t See It Coming–A Book of Hope for the Weary

    The book Didn’t See It Coming by Carey Nieuwhof (leadership writer, podcaster & pastor) is thoughtfully written for people of many backgrounds in Western society: from CEO to young shift manager to pastor to everyday “Joe Blow” hitting mid-life crisis. It addresses seven challenges that “no one expects and everyone experiences”: cynicism, compromise, disconnection, irrelevance, pride, burnout, […]

  • School is Out, Lifeschool is In

    As COVID-19 precautions take over our lives, are you going stir-crazy yet? What about your kids? I wish that I had some sage advice for all of the people who find themselves with kids at home suddenly. But honestly, my flavor of homeschooling is nothing like: 1) being shoved into an educational chasm with no […]

  • Lifeschool Lessons: The Joy of Real Work

    While I recognize the fear-inducing realities of financial providers losing their paid work, in this post I want us to consider that many kids have lost their work.  While our identity in the Lord is in our being not in our doing, we also are creatures wired to work, to use our gifts and talents, and to be […]

  • Lifeschool Lessons: Finding Beauty

    While observing these sorts of things is great for people of all ages, my 7 and 9 year especially like to do a “sit spot”. (Thank you Martin and Sylvia audio stories and their bushcraft school for fostering this skill). Sit Spot is sitting for a certain amount of time alone, in one place, outdoors and just observing (through […]

  • Creating Beauty – Egg Carton Wreaths

    In my last post, I talked about finding beauty. Creating beauty through art is another way to bring gratitude into the day.  Art helps me appreciate what I have, get out emotions, and remember the developmental state of the little people around me. When I see how different each child’s art is, it reminds me how […]

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